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Sharing with Love and Devotion the Light of Integral Yogic Practices, for Body, Mind and Spirit Allignment!

Prana (प्राण, prāṇa) is the Sanskrit word for "life force" or vital principle. In Hindu philosophy including yoga, Indian medicine, and martial arts, the term refers collectively to all cosmic energy, permeating the Universe on all levels. Prana is often referred to as the "life force" or "life energy".

Located in the upper level of Trinity Space in Nicosia, the Studio was specifically designed to offer a space for people who seek serenity, peace and health through various mindful practices and principles such as Yoga, Pilates, Massage, Meditational and healing practises*, for all age groups and levels.

We aspire to hold space for a community of individuals who wish to explore and expand their physical, mental and spiritual awareness, at their own pace and process, with respect to their own truth and that of their fellow humans.

* the studio can be provided to practitioners who are interested to facilitate mindful events upon request and booking. Contact us to discuss how we can support you.

Here at PRANA studio, together with dedicated practitioners and instructors we offer scheduled classes of Yoga, Tai Chi, Pranayama, Ecstatic Dancing and Meditation. Other Healing Practices such as Craniosacral and Reiki are available upon booking.


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