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  • Wear comfortable yoga clothes & show up 10 minutes before class begins to set your space and stillness

  • Follow proper hygiene, avoid strong perfumes and makeup, maintain a clean physical space

  • Remove your shoes when entering the studio

  • Inform your instructor for any health issues, both physical and mental, from long term to day's mood

  • Put your phone in silent mode and outside the yoga shala

  • When entering the yoga shala, Settle down Quietly, until the practice begins

  • Respect the studio's space, your personal space and the space of others

  • Respect the silence and peacefulness of yourselves, of your fellow practitioners and shared space

  • Ask for assistance when you need it

  • Respect your body limits, choosing the right asana / exercise variation given by the instructor

  • Avoid to assist/correct your fellow practitioners in asanas

  • Be mindful of your movements, breath and thoughts

  • avoid skipping savasana and don't leave before class ends, if this has to happen do it silently and discretely

  • Put your props & mats away after class

  • Be consistent to your practice

  • Be consistent to your payments 

  • All classes require prebook (99457769)

  • Classes are subject to cancellation & change

  • Classes missed are not refundable, but you are encouraged to replace anytime.

  • We design our classes and sequences according to the needs and capacity of our students individually and as a group so it is VERY IMPORTANT to sign up or cancel on time (4 hours prior the session).

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