6 Reasosn to Practise Hot Yoga in Winter

1. The HEAT.

It’s getting cold outside and the studio is always warm (about 40 degrees warm). Not only do powerful yoga classes provide that external warmth we crave during these chilly months, but it also helps create that internal heat (tapas) that we can carry with us throughout our entire day.

2. Yoga Helps You Stay Healthy

It is widely known and highly suggested that working out makes you less likely to get sick. Studies have shown that it can even prevent you from getting a cold. Not only do you sweat out toxins, but practicing hot yoga creates fluidity in the joints and more flexibility in your body. This is especially important as our bodies start to feel as stiff as holiday peanut brittle. Stay healthy this winter by sweating it out on your mat.

3. Avoid the “Holiday Hibernation”

It’s come to that time of year again where we start wearing jackets, coats, scarves, and hats. Without realizing it, we naturally begin to hunch over to create more warmth in our mid-body (and to joyfully sip on that freshly brewed hot coffee/tea that warms our hands). Practicing yoga gives us the space to open up again. Taking time in those amazing heart and throat opening poses like fish, camel, wheel, and even upward facing dog, can help counter-act this “holiday hunch” and create more space in your physical body.

4 . Ward Away the Winter Blues

When it starts getting cold outside, I tend to go into hibernation mode. Yes, this is cozy and wonderful, but sometimes I get a little stir crazy.. That’s why connection and community are so much more important during these chilly months. Simply by just walking into the studio, greeted by familiar faces, is like getting a big hug and can clear the winter blues in an instant. The warm energy that’s shared by everyone is the best reminder that even though we’re all bundled away in our separate homes, cars, and lives we are all still connected.

5. 40 Days to Personal Revolution

Instead of a New Years Resolution, why not make it a New Years Revolution. Commint to a 40-day : yoga, hot yoga and pilates interval program and see your body and your being completely transformed! Beginning Jan 16 – March 6, this season encompasses all the practices of Hatha Yoga including asana (yoga practice), meditation, inquiry, and diet. Not to mention, it also comes with an amazing group of fellow revolutionaries who will support you along the way and help get you through those begrudging “after the holidays” winter months. Trust me, you don’t want to miss participating in this program!

6 . Hands on Assisting

If you love those amazing Savasana assists at the end of class, Hot Yoga Workshop Series are designed to deepen and broaden each movement (asana) to take all of the benefits into the core!

P.S Your body will be forever grateful for this new Era 2019!