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5 Steps of Manifestation

  1. Enquire: What is my dream, in my best interest and in alignment with my purpose? Write down a clear intention. Bonus tip: Break down the big goals to smaller tangible ones. Ask from the divine / universe clearly what you want

  2. Trust: Trust in that goal, that it has already happened, and it will meet you soon enough@

  3. Visualize: Sit in meditation and do a mental rehearsal of you experiencing what you want. Put as much details as possible, observe how you feel... your reactions and how that version of you behaves after receiving? Bonus: see yourself telling someone the result of your manifestation

  4. Inspired Action: Moving from the realm of thought to the realm of the physical, behave and act as if you already have the result of your enquiry, stay in the vibration and feeling of that thought!

  5. Receive: Let go and practice gratitude for this is exactly the emotion of receiving.

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