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Constantina Hadjidemetriou, 

    My journey towards the inner realms and enquiry of truth and healing  began on the Peruvian Andean mountains of Larapata and the Amazonian Jungle on 2015, where I got to experience Yoga through asana, primordial breathwork practices, shamanic ceremonies and Buddhist meditation.


    A life changing/ perception altering journey which brought me into my own personal spiritual quest and a deeper realisation of life purpose. An inner calling to understand, expand, learn and share my knowledge to help join others into forming sustainable and conscious inner landscapes and outer communities /groups .

    A graduate of Bsc in Social Sciences, interested and fascinated by different cultures, their teachings, traditions and lineages that bring and carry wisdom for the aid in the evolution of humanity. Another aspect of that curiosity and quest is the realisation of interconnectedness and symbiosis of those traditions both in the macro and microcosm. I strongly believe that the world is a living library and medicine chest if we only know how to connect and draw from the knowledge available. 

Acknowledging the healing powers of expression, creativity and movement from a young age I would be involved in dancing and theatre groups, classes and shows.  Luckily I was always guided by well integrated Teachers in terms of serving both their Art, their students and soul, something which was imprinted in me and inspired me from an early age. 

  As a temperament of constant change and movement, travel and expansion I bring together Integral Healing Practices, drawn from different traditions such as Indian Hatha Yoga and Philosophy, Shamanism, Yogic Tantra, Esoteric Studies, Yogic and Somatic Therapy. I bring my own blueprint into my Teaching Style, with the Intention to be of Service to the unique individual I work with, whether in the context of one on one or within a “group therapy” session.


June 2016

200 Hours Yoga Training in Nicosia 2016, accredited by the "World Yoga Alliance"  

March 2018

300 Hours YTT by Shobhana Yog Sadan with "Yoga Alliance USA" 



500Hours Advanced Yoga Teacher Certification


November 2020

300Hours  IAYT Yoga Therapist 

January 2021 until present

505 Hours  IAYT Yoga Therapist


Member of IAYT (International Association of Yoga Therapists) 


Other Courses:

March 3, 2017

-Basics of Applied Anatomy,Yoga International

March 2017

-The Yoga Of Awakening, with Seane Corn 

February 28, 2017

-Living Yoga Conference, Yoga International 

January 2018

- Spiritual Shamanic Initiation - The Munay Ki Certified 

May 2018

-Hot Yoga Teacher Training with World Yoga Alliance, Yoga Europe

July 2019 

-Yoga Anatomy for Trigger Points, NAT Technique


- World Tantra Summit 


BioDynamic Craniosacral Therapy / Three day Workshop


I am a dedicated student and a devotee of continuous education and deepening/expanding awareness of the human experience.

I am grateful to be serving others in love, in truth in wisdom


Aho and Namaste!



Nicosia 2021

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